Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Forties Dress in Aqua

How about some pintucks? This recently finished dress is in the shop!


Mrs. MK said...

I can't see it in your shop yet, but oh how I love it!!! (hope it's my size!!!)

Cheri said...

Oh I love it, but I see it has been sold. May I ask what pattern your used?

AnnMarie said...

Once again, the item sold before I even got to look at it. :( But, you've got other stuff in the shop you didn't tell us about. You really should! I've loved the look of almost everything you've posted on this blog. (Your sons photos are so fabulous! I wish I had his talent, but my photos are rather blah.) Anyway, I scored the frog toy. The only problem is that I have to wait to give it to my daughter until Christmas (she's not yet 3 till then).

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