Friday, August 31, 2007

Floor Pillows

Another thrift-inspired project: pillows for Felix's room. I found this tremendously pleasing egg-blue chenille bedspread at the thrift store, and cut up some of it for his pillows. One huge one for the bed or floor, a smaller one for the chair or bed. Never again though will I make big piping out of chenille--my poor machine barely lived to tell the tale.

Then Clara got inspired and decided to make her own set of pillows--big and small. She used the fabric I *will* use when I do her curtains. Check out the hot pink gabardine ruffle! She did a fine job.

And the pillows have withstood scientific testing by Daisy. They are comfy.


Mrs. Hurzeler said...

There are chenille strips that do not look fuzzy at first. You sew them on either using a regular sewing foot but making sure to be straight, or use a special feed foot and then one the chenille strips are attached to the fabric you use your hand and fuzzy them up. I saw them on Fons and Porter.

Julian said...

i love thoes pillows! Way to go, and same to Clara. The Birthday party for your son looked great, I bet he loved it. My sons always appreciate food. (LOL)

momawake said...

You must have the best thrift store(s)!

Anonymous said...

Hey! What did you fill those pillows with? I have the most difficult time deciding on stuffing as loose stuffing seems to get all "chunky" after a short while of use.

Share please!

Oh... they are beautiful!


Christina. B said...

Love the pillows!

Anna said...

Oh, Mrs. Hurzeler, those sound complicated but fun! I just made my piping out of existing chenille.

Heather, I used purchased pillow forms. I used the cheapos but Clara sprang for the really firm one and it is very nice. We got them at Hobby Lobby.

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