Thursday, August 30, 2007

Giles Turns Sixteen

Big week for Giles--he started college last week, got a cell phone, and turned sixteen. He celebrated his birthday with a swimming and dinner party. Unlimited grilled bratwursts, baked beans, cole slaw--lots of hungry teenagers to feed.

For dessert we had our cake of the moment: pound. Foregoing any frosting, instead I set out two big platters of fruit to eat with it, and a pitcher of homemade chocolate sauce. The party kids ate every scrap of fruit! It was a delight to see.

As for college, he's taking Two-Dimensional Design, Intro to Photography (ha!), Drawing, Honors History, Honors English, and an Honors Essay Seminar, and the word is: so far, so good.


Mrs. MK said...

Congratulations, Giles!!

You could show them a thing or two in that photog course!!

You're going to do great! Have a great 16th year!

Robyn said...

Oh Congratulations Giles! And I also wanted to say...I adore your photos! You have such an eye, you capture it right every time! Thanks for sharing your god given talent with us all. And Anna, the dessert sounds heavenly! Yummy!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Also,(Anna), I wanted to share a great book I just got from the library- Chic Bags- 22 handbags,
purses,totes and accessories to make by Marie Enderlen-debuisson/Caroline Laisne.
I may never have a purse crisis again!

Davene said...

Happy 16th, Giles!

Anna, does this mean you have a son who's actually driving a car now? ;)

The party and food look/sound wonderful!

Anna said...

Mrs. Bonnie, thanks for the book title. I'll be looking for that one.

Davene, I do have a driver. Life-changing, definitely for the better!

MaureenE said...

Happy birthday!

That's a great idea for pound cake! I'll have to remember that.

Kelly said...

Are all those 3 credit hours? Seems like a heavy load for a first semester. Although I'm sure Intro to Photography will make things a bit easier!

I can't say too much, though, my husband and I were both the type to take 18 to 21 hours every semester.

Karen said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Giles. I believe he could probably teach the teacher when it comes to photography!

Lea said...

My youngest just turned 16 this summer... Tell Giles a belated Happy Birthday

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Giles!
I don't even think you need a photog're already an A++!!

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