Thursday, August 02, 2007

Make Friends with Your Florist

If you, as I do, occasionally buy flowers at the grocery store, you should make friends with the florist there. This is one of the few situations where it actually helps you to shop with a toddler--usually a toddler is not a help at the store--because toddlers make friends everywhere they go. Disclaimer: my experience is based on having a very nice lady florist. But then I've found that most people who work with flowers are very nice.

• The florist can tell you what the store's delivery days are. Mine are Saturday and Tuesday, so I never buy flowers on Fridays.

• The florist can point you to the flowers that are going to still look good the day of your party. Just ask!

• The florist will help you pick out the freshest and sturdiest specimens.

• My florist, and probably yours too, will give me huge discounts on the older flowers, if I come in right after the new ones arrive. She's not going to be able to sell the old ones anyway. And sometimes this is exactly what I need--lilies that are already open, for instance. The new ones might still be furled in buds.

• Let the florist know how much you love her flowers, and that you have a limited budget. She might be able to help you afford something.

• It's nice to know the people you do business with. It's like the old days, and it's good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Your room below is just lovely! May I ask where you purchased your sofa? I have been looking high and low for a camel back sofa and they are just not to be found.

Anna said...

Jodi--it was a passalong from my mother fifteen years ago. I haven't been furniture shopping in Forever, so don't know where they can be found, but good luck.

Mrs. MK said...

Good advice!!

Yes, my boys make friends everywhere!! They are teaching me to be more outgoing!! (grin)

C.A. Worcester said...

Your last line of "Knowing the people you do business with"......ah, so true, so true. I am only 42, but now I am starting to say "In the old days...I can remember when...." Hee hee.

Karolee said...

Great advice - thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Since grocery stores started adding floral departments, the number of privately owned florist shops has plummeted.

If there is an actual florist near the grocery, you might want to get to know them too, on the days when you aren't as rushed.

Shelley Jo said...

I'm so glad you posted this. My daughter's wedding is in November and she got a price quote from a florist yesterday, which is outrageous, we think. There are only 4 smaller bouquets and the bride's and then the rest is boutonnieres/corsages and she quoted us a price over $600! That's more than we are paying to rent the facilities. We started talking last night about just chancing it with what colors will be available in roses at Sam's and Wal-Mart. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply. I'll keep looking!

Rebecca said...

"most people who work with flowers are very nice."

awwww... I'm a florist, so, THANKS!

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