Monday, September 17, 2007

County Fair by Daylight

The canned goods are my favorite exhibit.

A display of sweet embroidered linens. The sewing display in general was disappointing--mostly tie-dyed tees.

Complementary colors always work. Salsas and pepper sauces taken very seriously here. I saw men in business suits making cell phone calls to report on the judging of the hot canned items.

Style to spare.

A sweet-faced goat.

Empty is more interesting than full.



Soft-faced rabbits.


Daisy tries cotton candy.


My husband.


Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs, Anna! What a sweet, sunny day. :0) And those bunnies are too adorable!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I was just fine and dandy not missing our fair until you showed all these pictures! What fun!
Canning seems to be pretty serious at our fair too, though I haven't seen and dressed up, cell toting business men. Of the 12 canned items I entered, 9 placed!

momawake said...

I love those photographs!~!~!~!

anita said...

You're a fabulous photographer!!

Davene said...

These pictures are always...but wow, these capture the spirit of a county fair incredibly well!

I've been gone the past week on vacation and have missed checking your blog. It's fun to catch up! :)

Lori said...

love your photos .. i grew up in rural Illinois and they really took me back!

Anonymous said...


Every now and then, something you post resonates with me. I repeat it to myself often in hopes of overcoming obstacles.

Since I'm a natural clutterbug, I have to remind myself that "elegance is restraint," something I picked up from your blog.

Now I've got another one: Empty is more interesting than full.

Thank you,

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