Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitchen Projects

Tuesdays are kitchen days around here, and usually that means that we do the week's baking, and a speedy deep-cleaning of the kitchen. This week I decided to forego almost all of the cleaning and instead do more of a deep-cooking, getting to all of the cooking projects I had in the back of my mind but hadn't gotten around to.

First, I put Clara to work with the Granny Smith apples and a package of puff pastry.

Apple tart, dairy-free.

I scoured the freezer for all the bags labelled "Use for Stock", and made a huge pot of chicken stock, and a smaller pot of ham stock.

A large bowl of hummous for snacks. Pita chips for dipping.

A double batch of chocolate cornstarch pudding. Poured into pretty china coffee cups, it will keep for a few days in the fridge until we finish the apple tart.

A double batch of yogurt, long overdue. I haven't had any around in a week, and I miss it.

And bread, as usual. *Now* I need to deep-clean!


rhonda jean said...

It sounds like a very good day's work. : )

Anonymous said...

Tuesday is my kitchen day, too, but it's more for preparing meats. My favorite grocer reduces price on weekend specialty meats that day, which I prepare for the week or freezer storage. Yesterday I scored lamb (for Prevention mag's Indian recipes this month) and sirloin tips for late summer kabobs.

love your photos,

deb meyers

Christina. B said...

all so yummy, but how do you make cornstarch pudding??

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