Monday, September 03, 2007

Chicken Caesar Salad

More good food from Everyday Foods. Last week I went ahead and bought the cookbook, since I didn't get on the magazine bandwagon til late.

Homemade salt and pepper croutons, dairy-free dressing made in the blender, grated Parmesan cheese grated and ready. About to saute chicken in an iron skillet and chop a bunch of romaine.


Anonymous said...

Your croutons and dressing look so yummy! It all looks so much better prepared fresh instead of coming pre-packaged.

I've been getting the publication since the beginning, and I have to say that the earlier issues are better than the ones I've seen as of late. There's seems to be more repetition now.

My favorite thing about it has been the side dish recipes as it's helped me expand my what-to-do-with-vegetables repertoire.

Christina. B said...


sounds and looks so good!

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