Friday, October 05, 2007

A Rooted Life

Tonight the Composer and I attended a short marriage seminar hosted by our church. Each couple was asked to bring a wedding picture to display on a table at the back and I have to say, there were some surprises. Apparently, some of our closer friends used to, at some point, be Hilary Clinton and Billy Ray Cyrus. Just going by what they looked like.

What struck me, though, setting the picture up in the church sanctuary, was the fact that it was taken in that very room, and the same elaborate and beautiful quilt is still hanging on the wall, just like it was at our wedding. Eighteen years have passed and here we still are, right here in this spot. Entirely different people than we were, having actually raised people who didn't exist then--but some things haven't changed.


jennifer said...

What a nice thing to read tonight. Congratulations on longevity in your marriage. It takes work but so rewarding when moments like you had tonight happen. What a great foundation too for your children.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

A rooted life is a good thing. When we were on our 10th anniversary date the waiter commented on what a long time we'd been married. We, on the other hand, consider 10 years a tiny drop in the bucket! It's a sad thing that 10 years is considered long, when people routinely used to be married half a century or more.

Congratulations on a commitment that stands the test of time. And teenagers :)

Rachel said...

How sweet! I've attended the church we belong to since "before I was born". My husband and his family came there about 7 years ago. So when we got married last year it was strange to become an adult where I'd always been a child before. I'm glad to know other people have similar experiences. :)

Melissa said...

Such a lovely sentiment! Please feel free to share a photo from that day anytime!

Davene said...

Lovely and inspiring post!

And congratulations on the past 18 years!

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