Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Bright Supper

Strikingly colorful supper preparations tonight. I prepared a little beaten egg for breaded pork cutlets. My neighbor Phyllis provides me with the boldest yellow-yolked eggs in the world.

And here's a side of purple cabbage to go with the schnitzelen.


Jackie said...

Wow, I just love the way your camera captures such beautiful bold colors.

SisterlyLove said...

Anyone who can make beaten eggs look that lucious is a genius in my book!
Beautiful Food!

Emily said...

How funny. I several enamel bowls and cast iron pot just like those. Although some of my bowls have black rims and some red. I am a cast iron and vintage lover.

Suzanne said...

I love the cabbage. Had a great recipe for sweet & sour cabbage with rasins from Jaques Pepin's cookbook. The purple always makes an elegand presentation:-)

Dinah Soar said...

I'd love to see a compilation of your posts in a would be lovely to pick up and read and view the gorgeous pictures.

You have many gifts, and writing and sharing your life/family is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Those eggs are so lovely. Home-grown eggs really are nicer, aren't they?

Heather K said...

would you consider sharing your cabbage recipe...?or is it plain? We love boiled cabbage and have been experimenting with recipes. What is the meat that you serve it with..? Would you care to share, perchance??

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