Monday, October 08, 2007

Even More Orchids

I simply can't pass up cheap orchids. It's mind-boggling that they're available at the grocery store and at Wal-Mart; they carry such an aura of fifties' glamour.

This week I found dendrobiums for $8 a piece at the store. I haven't had any of these before, and was enchanted with the delicate shades of greeniness and general fine bamboo-like quality of the stems.

My orchid experience so far is limited to keeping the blooms healthy as long as possible--which can be months--and nurturing some new leaf growth, hoping for another stem of buds next season. I certainly don't wish to wander down the dark, obsessive pathway of lighting strips, tweezers, and paintbrushes, assisting orchids in their private lives. I just want to keep my grocery store flowers happy.


Ruth Simons said...

Hi Anna,
I received a bouquet of dendrobiums for my birthday--and posted a picture too. They are gorgeous. For my wedding, I had them paired with terracotta roses...very pretty. I've been successful in getting them to grown new spikes and rebloom and I am not an obsessive orchid grower. My regiment (for dendrobiums) includes cutting stem off, repotting and separating spikes, and watering once a week. Phaleonopsis' are even easier. Hope your orchids bring you many many glorious days of wonder (at the Lord's amazing craftsmanship!).

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a book about them already, they grow in tree cracks and need next to nothing in water, and they love bat guano.(had a friend who taught me this)
They really are beautiful, and so is your picture taking.


Suzanne said...

Hi Anna,
I too love to nurture orchids from the grocery store. Something vulnerable about plants at the grocers. Guess I will never be in Martha Stewart's league with these beauties:-) but I enjoy them nonetheless.

GracefulDesigns said...

beautiful! What elegance and true beauty orchids have. I bought a plant for my sisters birthday but it only lasted about a month! I hope it will bloom again next year!



Jordin said...

Hi Anna!

I just wanted to let you know that I received the pillow (crewel pillow in bad taste!) in the mail. I was so excited to get it! It's absolutely adorable--and I have the perfect place for it. Thank you! :)

judy said...

Orchids are really lovely flowers that come in a multitude of colors and shapes. Living in the tropics my garden was once filled with driftwoods to which I attached a variety of dendrobuims. They provided me with endless source of joy and satisfaction. I am glad you share this joy in the beauty of the blooms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna:
Do you have visitors? Your home seems like such a warm and inviting place to live. Your children are fornuate to have you for their Mom.

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