Thursday, November 01, 2007

Daisy at the Sea

A few days ago Daisy got it in her head that she *had to* go to the "seashore." I couldn't bear to tell her that I wasn't planning on making the 800-mile drive to the beach, and further questioning revealed that the heart of her desire was to play with buckets in the sand, so we sold her on a trip to a nearby lake.

We never go there in the summer because it's very crowded and rowdy and has no shade at the water's edge (we do go to a different, farther away lake with its own charms). But in this season the park was deserted, clean, sunny, windy.

Filled with Canada geese, and one great blue heron who stood preening himself in the weeds for so long! and squawked irritably when he finally had enough of us and flew away.

So we had the "sea",

and the sand,

and a little bit of water.

Then we got out the basket with the thermos of hot tea, and the sugar, and the little jar of milk, and the mugs, and we decided that no matter how nice an outing is, it is *always* better if you bring tea along.


melanie said...

so true!

Suzy said...

I agree...everything goes better with tea!! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Emily said...

This place reminds me of where we used to go camping when I was a child. Lovely memories.

Kimmie said...

What a fun adventure you all had thanks to Daisy!

Here in Ct it is too cold to go wading, though we passed the lake Friday and I offered to stop for a swim and my 4 year old son thought it was a splendid idea...yikes!

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