Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Pleasant Educational Interlude

My Big Guys (Giles and the Composer) were in Savannah, Georgia last weekend checking out the Savannah College of Art and Design as a possible next stop for Giles, who is looking for a photography school.

If his checklist consisted only of Spanish moss, frosty raspberry drinks, and seagulls, this school would be it for sure!

But you know life is more complicated than that, so SCAD takes pole position on the college list, and we'll see how things sort themselves out after another couple of trips in March.

And I'll just add this thought: that Giles is a very good boy, and I'm going to miss him when he goes!

(photos by the Composer)


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna, Being very familiar with the college search for one's children, I thought that I would write and make sure that your family has The University of the South (Sewanee) on its list as a possible place for Giles. One of our daughters graduated from there with an Art History degree and we were very pleased with her time there. Sorry to make your list longer, but thought that I should pass this on. If you have any questions about the place, ask away.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to see them go, yet it is wonderful to know how well prepared his is! This is a mile marker I'm sure you have been waiting for! God has blessed.

Pam -

Shirl said...

Giles is going to do so well with his photography - his talent is so clearly evident.
Achingly difficult to release our children ... our oldest has only two years before he starts on his tertiary education, and I can't imagine how I will cope when he is not 'around'.

jar said...

My youngest will leave the nest this fall. It will be sad when he leaves and I will cry but it is also a joy to see him ready to go and to see his interests take shape. Your son is a talented photographer. It will be interesting to see where it takes him and what adventures it leads him on.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We will miss his photographs when he goes away to college. :)

Christopher plans to live at home while attending the University.

I'm thankful the Big 10 college near us is the one that provides the best choice for his chosen profession.

laurel said...

We live just down the road from Savannah, and have several good friends that are at SCAD. Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, in my humble opinion. :)
Will you be able to make the trip down with him in March? I highly recommend it, if you can get away!

Alicia said...

Oh, I just loooved visting Savannah! (and Jekyll Island). What a beautiful part of the country for a photographer to light in for a while.

Alicia said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I am headed to Savannah next week to visit my family. (We just moved to another state a few months ago where my daughter is taking horseback riding lessons in a little town called Pleasant View)
Our new area is nice but Savannah is special to us.

If your family takes another trip you might want to consider these areas. Giles would love Wormslow. It is a lovely plantation in the middle of Savannah full of spanish moss, oak trees, and a lovely hike down to the marsh. A very special place to take photos. Your other son would love Skidaway Island State Park where they have Bird Watching hikes and Bird Photography Specialist. A great place to find Painted Buntings!!! (If he doesn't have it on his Bird list!) Another place he would like is the Savannah Wildlife Refuge which is on the border of South Carolina and Georgia. The refuge is on the other side of the Savannah river. You can drive around the refuge. Another place both of your boys would enjoy.

Anna, for you and the girls, you need to hit the lovely boutique and antique shops on River Street!!!

And a great place to eat if you want a fun seafood place with out the popular hipe of "Bubba's or Paula deans' is the Crab Shack on Tybee.

God Bless You. I have been praying for you.

lindsey cheney said...

oh, please don't tell me... they actually grow up and leave?

danielle said...

Hi Anna! Giles has such a gift, I am sure he will do wonderfully no matter what school he attends. I am sure that he will go far with his talent! We wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I've been lurking at your blog for a while, but I had to speak up now.
Giles is so talented; he will do so well no matter where he goes.

My sister went to SCAD and fell in love with not only the school, but the city as well. Due to financial considerations, she had to transfer but her true love will always be Savannah and SCAD. Even before my sister went there, I would visit with my friends just because Savannah is so rich with culture and history.

My sister is actually going there again for Spring Break this year to visit friends.

Anyway, best wishes in your family's search. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing all the beauty in your world.

Lisa said...

I found your blog through Elizabeth's.

My husband attends SCAD! He's getting his MFA in Graphic Design. Great school!!!!

Jill said...

My brother graduated from SCAD last year from their Historical Preservation department. He loved Savannah and the school.

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