Friday, March 07, 2008

Daisy Has a Dresser Now

Last month we had to do a lot of shuffling children's rooms around to squeeze in my mother and grandmother. Everyone is back in their usual place now, but all the juggling sparked some creative furniture rearranging that feels fresh and new.

For instance, Daisy has a dresser in her tiny room now. A white one with a mirror. Before this her clothes were all stored on shelves behind her door.

Don't worry, there's still room for Joe. He was great when my mother was here, as he faithfully held her back brace all night when she went to bed.

Now Daisy has a flat surface for her lamp, her pink daisies, and her jewelry stand. One great thing about having an orange room is that no one wants to buy the cool orange stuff at the thrift store so you can have it all. We got this great little metal tree for a quarter, and it is just perfect for displaying baby bracelets and necklaces. We even clip hairbows onto it.

Still loving this little embroidered quilt with orange fringe, folded at the foot of her bed.

And this little cross is new--a crocheted bookmark that was in Nanny's things. Love the orange and pink together!


Mod Girl said...

I love the details of Daisy's little room. It's as darling as she is!

Tammy said...

I love Daisy's room!

My daughter's room is pink and orange too!

Tiffany said...

Reminds me of my little girl room growing up. It was orange and had lion sheets and I always felt like I was sleeping in a field of orange poppies and sunflowers. Thanks for jogging a good memory.

Anonymous said...

Just the tiny corners you have shown here have given me an extra boost today to get my little girl's room cleaned out. My daughter is seven and has many, many toys with teeny parts. Though she loves them, it can be a hassle when they all get dumped and encrust every corner of all furniture and flooring.

You don't seem to have a problem keeping toys at bay. What's your secret!? How do you store toys, crafts and books that seem to take over a homeschool family's home!? I would LOVE to see my sweet girl's room be a quiet, clean, restful place. Then some well-meaning family members advise me to just "let it be and let her live knee deep in her toys".

What do you think?

ps... was praying for you during your Grandmother's home-going. My father had a stroke two years ago. It was one of the most difficult times, but one of the most cherished times as well. I got to homeschool my sweet Daddy when he got home. We started with Kindergarten materials - and my little Kindergartener helped him do his homework every day. Sweet memories. Your children will always remember those time with Grandma... God bless!

Julian said...

love daisys room! How sweet!

Brambleberry said...

A sweet room, to be sure. What a fun fresh color!

ruth said...

"orange" doesn't do it justice--it's more like sherbet or dreamsicle!

Annabelle said...

What a lovely room for a little girl! I just adore that jewelry stand. Wherever did you find such a treasure?

Patty said...

Hi, Did you make the quilt on the bed? It's so cute.

Kris said...

I just love coming here. Everything at your house is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your best things with us.

little dresses said...

Hi! I am just stopping by after a friend told me about your blog. I love it! I can't wait to see more.

Mrs.B said...

I love Daisy's jewelry holder, it's perfect! We had one just like it (same color and everything) when I was growing up, only ours held coffee cups. (o;


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the other "anonymous" comment. Do you call the shots when it comes to "decorating" a child's room?

BTW, I love visiting your blog.

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