Thursday, March 06, 2008

"A Cosy Room"

"What a cosy room this is. . . I'll right it up in two minutes; for it only needs to have the hearth brushed, so,--and the things stood straight on the mantelpiece, so,--and the books put here, and the bottles there, and your sofa turned from the light, and the pillows plumped up a bit. Now, then, you're fixed."

Louisa May Alcott, Little Women


Davene said...

I wish I could say about all the rooms in my house that I could "right them up" in 2 minutes. Some are that way...and some are not. :)

In the last post, that first picture of Daisy looks like a prize winner to me. Does Giles enter photo contests? I can only imagine what college will do to enhance his talent. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Speaking about Giles, could you use a knitting pattern for mittens to help operate a camera in the winter?

You probably already know about this.

Mrs.B said...

I am reading this book right now for the very first time.--It is wonderful!


Di said...

I love the line about "right it up". I had a friend from Pennsylvania who use to say she'd have to "red up" the living room. Maybe that's where the saying same from?

cheri said...

My favorite book! Well, except for the Bible, of course.

Jen said...

Such simple, homey expressions, yet so inspiring! Just like your blog.

Brambleberry said...

What a lovely idea.

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