Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Morning Glory Seeds

Soaking the morning glory seeds before planting. It takes less than a day for them to pop open and start sending out little white stems. I've read before that each seed needs to be scratched or nicked, but I never do that, and they all germinate quickly.

These will grow up the privacy fence around the pool. Love the multi-colored ones--don't they look like the decorations on the Pyrex cups?


Renna said...

I love all Morning Glory's, though Heavenly Blue's are my favorite. I have Morning Glory's blooming in my backyard that sprang up from seeds I planted two years ago.

I have those same pyrex cups! :-)

Daughter of the King said...

I love morning glories, what I do to germinate them is put batting in the dish,cover with water and set the seeds on the ater for a few days or a week, it is nice to see them grow outside of the ground and wonderful for kids to experience the root growth and top growth as well.

Bella said...

Those cups are lovely...and the morning glory look beautiful too
: )

Suzanne said...

I do love morning glories also and those pyrex cups --I want some:-)

Mod Girl said...

I just got some Morning Glory seeds yesterday and am very anxious to plant them!

Jessica said...

We had those cups until a couple of years ago...we still have the plates in circulation. I love the blue on white and the little flowers. The print always reminds me of when I was a kid.

Kymm said...

Seeds with a hard seed coat can either be scarified (scratched) or soaked for about 24 hours prior to planting. I spent four years in a lab doing germination testing on all sorts of small seeds and soaking was the preferred method.

I plant Heavenly Blue morning glories every year. In my ideal world, I'd have masses and masses of them. I content myself with planting them around a single deck support. Morning glories are my favorite flower.

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