Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New Bonnet for Daisy

Some people might try to tell you that one bonnet is enough. Those crazies! Anyone can see that two bonnets are better.

I made Daisy an entire Mabel ensemble this weekend (that's fancy for a dress and a matching hat). She loves the bonnet, high-handedly rejects the jewel-necked dress (look for it in the shop soon) as she only wears decollete now.

I love how simply using a fairly stiff piece of thrifted eyelet gives the bonnet a whole hat-with-a-brim look. It was so easy to make!


momawake said...

I think Daisy is very blessed to have you as her mommy. :)

Ms. Dale said...

Every little girl needs at least two bonnets, especially a little girl with such beautiful brown eyes popping out from beneath its brim.
Just a precious picture. Lucky little girl to have a mom who creates such beautiful things.
I do enjoy your creations.
Ms. Dale

Laura said...

That is a lovely bonnet... and she is a lovely girl! I hope and pray that I will be a mummy like you are when I have children of my own.
God bless you!

Ways of Zion said...

Oh, Oh, Oh! I just bought a bonnet pattern to make our girls matching bonnets (and myself a headcovering from the same fabric)....

May I ask a question! the pattern calls for lace for the birm, but I want to use the same fabric (cotton & Sheer sucker) can i do that? How?!?!?!?


mamachristina said...

I agree one bonnet is never enough. I have about five or so and I don't even have a little girl yet. Your little Daisey is a doll. I stumbled upon your blog and love it.

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