Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road Home

We travelled home through North Carolina so we could attend a funeral--I was so grateful to my children for not saying even a word about giving up a day and a half at the beach to tend to a grievous necessity.

God was gracious to us, though, and attended our way with delights as He *always* does.

We spent the night in Asheville at the Sweet Biscuit Inn, owned by my stylish cousins Angela and Robert. They are the only ones in the family to have gone Danish modern.

They do it well in this magnificent house. We loved the morning light flooding the main staircase.

I found Clara on the porch, waiting for breakfast to be served.

It was worth the wait! And of course, it is very good to be home.


YayaOrchid said...

Such beautiful photographs! You will never lack for memories with such an accomplished photographer recording everything.

Glad you're home safe.

Lisa said...

Your cousins' inn looks like a very nice place. Lovely!


Holly said...

Wow!!! I've been reading you for a while, and I've always loved your peace-inspiring words and photos. As soon as I saw the first pic in this one, though, I was blown away--I spent a wonderful weekend at the Sweet Bisquit a few months ago, and I return there in my dreams often. I love that you have such a connection to it--it brings a sort of continuity to that place in my mind reserved for the lovely.

Oh, and here's where I wrote about it: http://urlzen.com/n7.

Melissa said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures! Glad you had a wonderful vacation and that it worked out for you to attend the funeral.

That looks like a fabulous inn! Too bad I live too far away! :)

Janna said...

Welcome home! I've enjoyed your vacation posts. The ocean is lovely!

Anonymous said...

I am so bummed I didn't know you were going to be in my neck of the woods! I would have loved to meet you and your beautiful children! Your posts and photography give me a brief moment of calm in my otherwise chaotic day. I'm sorry your trip ended on a sad note and glad you are all home safely.
Billie Jean

Laura said...

That picture of the stairs and dishes would be healing. It is very "God like" and peaceful. A reminder of what we cannot see.

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely vacation time Anna. It is so true - if we have "eyes to see" we will notice all the blessings the Father pours into our lives no matter what the circumstances.
Glad you're safely home.

A.D. said...

I agree with all the other posts. And I LOVE Clara's skirt. So feminine. Did mom make it for her? If yes, could you share the pattern #?

Katie said...

Sweet Biscuit Inn...what a perfectly wonderful name! :o)

Nin said...

i love the dress you are wearing

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