Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Texture in the Garden

It's quiet in the garden now, with lots of interesting textures and greens. I'm slowly working towards beds full of only the hardiest, carefree plants--which means I had better enjoy textures, as delicate blossoms are fewer and farther between than in years past.

Rosemary reflects in the birdbath.

Maiden grass contrasts with the dark leaves of a camellia.

The fig tree, as big as a cottage, scents the whole side yard.

Breathe deep.


YayaOrchid said...

Such a lovely glimpse into your garden! I can only imagine it is completely and utterly full of the most beautiful and colorful of plants. More pics, please. :)

Rebekah Jean said...

There's nothing quite like the scents of outside.


Becky K. said...

Oooh, I want to smell it!


Becky k.

Karen said...

Although I'm a big fan of flowers, there's just something about greenery and textures that is very soothing (in all this heat!)
My fig bush is huge this year as well, and loaded with figs for the second time. Now if I can just beat the birds to them.....

Anonymous said...

hmmmm beautiful photos. Must be even more beautiful in person!

Anonymous said...

What plants have you found to be hardy? and deer proof? We have a major deer problem here...they haven't touched my lavender but they ate the day lilies. I am thinking marigolds next year.
Amy F.

Anna said...

Deer proof is crucial! I have success with crepe myrtles, very thorny roses, rosemary, lavender, sage, grasses, peonies. Forget the lilies and daylilies--apparently they're like candy to deer!

Lora said...

I'd love to ask what you do with the figs from your tree! We've only been in our house a little over a year and have a lovely fig tree. But I really don't know what to do with them all!?! Can you recommend some great recipes or something?

Anonymous said...

dtHave you had much much success with daffodils(as in the deer not enjoying them?) I have noticed that by late summer they seem to be willing to nibble on anything. What variety of roses are very thorny? I know they relish my mother-in-law's. I barricaded my rose bushes in the vegetable garden but would like some in the yard...thank you for the tips!
Amy F.

Anonymous said...

sorry, my 1 year old got a hold of the key board and edited the above entry for me and I posted it with out seeing the typos.
Amy F.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Ah, your photos are lovely. It is raining, raining, raining here in Ireland... But... every year the parents say that as soon as the kids go back to school, the sun comes back out!!!


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