Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Complete Bedside Companion

I wish I had known about this book last winter while caring for my grandmother. As the subtitle says, it is full of No-Nonsense Advice on Caring for the Seriously Ill. Absolutely packed with information, lots and lots of concrete advice I needed but didn't have. If you know anyone providing care to an ill relative, buy them this book.


Jill said...

Hi Anna, I so enjoy visiting your blog...come over the The Glen...I gave you and award! Thanks for your creativity!

Lynne in NC said...

I recall you doing a fine job in caring for your Nana. She was very well cared for by all of you. You might have written such a book yourself!
Thanks for sharing this title with us.

Tami said...

I lost my Dad unexpectedly not too long ago. I never got a chance to care for him. Wish I needed that book for matter how your loved one goes (fast or slow) it is never easy.....

Rose said...

Dear Anna,

I'm 15 years older than you. I've lost my Dad and my in-laws as well as my brother and some contemporaries. I still have my 81 year old Mum and she lives with us which is great.

When I read this post the other day I mentally noted it for future reference.

Today, two friends of my age on the same day told me of their inoperable cancers. The mental note burned forward.

I will not be a carer in either case but I will need much information that I can see (from Amazon) the book contains. Thank you. A heartfelt thank you.


Gail said...

Thank you for the recommendation Anna. I've been wanting to send something to a friend whose mother has ALS, but didn't know what. I ordered it right away.
God bless.

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