Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thrifted Platter

Turquoise, you are my friend these days.


Sharon said...

What a great find Anna! The corn looks delicious :)


Nadine said...

mmm, the corn and the platter look delicious!


mrs boo radley said...

Wow, perfect snapshot of summer!

Bethgem said...


Florence said...

Anna, I was wondering how the painting of the shelves for your sewing room was coming along?

Lisa said...

Love the platter. I've been on a turquoise kick lately, too. I love chartreuse also so my home is becoming a bit colorful.

Now, to put corn on the store list.

Erica Lea said...

It's so hard to resist a nice platter (or plate, or bowl, or cup, for that matter) at a second hand shop. Especially if it's a very good price or free.

McKee Family said...

Hi Anna, What do you think of my new bag? It was very easy to make, & I made it out of an old pillow case! =)
~Adrienne McKee


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