Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage Wardrobes for Winter

• A green coat ("She made it the basis of her fall outfit")
• A lovely green wool dress
• A green crepe dress
• A brown wool dress
• A lighter brown silk
• Some "bright blouses"
• A "couple of gay prints for morning around the house"

--Grace Livingston Hill, Homing

• A brown and white tweed suit with a brown velvet collar
• And several blouses to wear with it
• A leaf brown crepe
• An aquamarine blue crepe
• A "few cotton prints for warm mornings, with brown or blue for the predominant colors"
• A lovely brown wool jersey for cool mornings
• A warm tweed coat and a small soft brown felt hat

--Grace Livingston Hill, Spice Box


Suzanne said...

I love her books.

Paula said...

I wish my wardrobe read like that... Maybe I should rethink my closet.

Polly said...

Oh, I love the combinations: blue and brown or green and brown! They are perfect for colder weather. And the warm jersey for cool mornings sounds delicious. (Does that come in *maternity,* I wonder? I'm having a hard time wardrobe-ing these days.) Thank you for posting the clothing inspiration. Love these lists.

Funny--today I purchased "Homing" at the local used book store, and nearly bought "Spice Box." Odd timing!

Lucille said...

It is the small soft brown felt hat that I have always wanted. They crop up everywhere in books of a certain vintage.

Sarah said...

I just discovered that you're back to blogging! I'm so happy.

Margo said...

Ahhhhh. I love it. Love the tidiness, prettiness.
What exactly is crepe, though? I've seen it so often in books, but just now I realize that I think of it as thin and wrinkled wrinkled, just like crepe paper.

melissa said...

Gotta get my hands on more GLH - so inspirational!

June said...

Nice colors if you are a "Fall".Brown will never do for a "winter" .

Lisa said...

The suit with the brown velvet collar sounds very charming to me.

I suppose if you make your own clothes, or have them made, you can have all matching outfits! What a thought! How organized.

p.s. Anna, did you see Diane's post today at Tomato Soup Cake? She found some vintage wax paper with printed designs on it! I've never heard of it! You have to see it!

Martha A. said...

I always want their wardrobe when I read her books! Especially the comfortable knit or hand knit dresses that sound so attractive!

Jenny said...

After searching our territorial library system and not finding a single Grace Livingston HIll book in it, I bought my first from eBay about a week ago. It's 3 books in one volume and I look forward to getting introduced to the author of so many of your lovely quotes.

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