Friday, October 01, 2010

A New Kind of Run

If you run to a typical training plan you usually do at least three standard runs each week--a long run, a speed workout, and an easy run.

Go figure, but that easy run--for me, usually 5-7 miles--has felt like a lot of work. Until last week. Maybe it's the cooler weather, or perhaps I've developed fitness superpowers, but now I can run about four miles before I start feeling like I'm working. It keeps surprising me. It's called running so it's supposed to be hard!


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing how to start distance running?

Rose said...

I know you have spoken of running before Anna. So if we follow your links,,s6-238-0-0-0,00.html

what next please? I'd like to run but I am not confident that I can.

Kim said...

I felt the very same way when I first started out ;) It's been a good three years since I have had a steady running routine (two babies and a couple of injuries) but I am determined to begin again. Knowing that the "work" part comes first is the most daunting ;) Good for you that it is getting so much easier ... and yes the cooler air is wonderful! Glad to see you back!

Scarlet said...

I'm starting a running program next week-- this post is very encouraging!

appledapple said...

I began training for a 5k in August, ran my first one in September and am now working up toward the 10k with plans to eventually run a marathon. The cooler weather has been a blessing, I would even get up at 5:30am to beat the heat but no luck when it was already in the high 80's so early!

Lisa said...

Do you mean the easy run is harder than the long one, or are you just saying the easy one hasn't been so easy? Is the long one at a slower pace? Just wondering.

Anna said...

You can follow that link to the Smart Coach function on that page, it's in a box, and you fill in your present ability and how hard you want to work.

I highly recommend picking up any copy of Runner's World magazine, as it always has plenty of information for beginners, including links to plans of all sorts at their website.

I also highly recommend TAKING IT EASY when starting a running plan--pushing too hard is asking for injury. Take it from me and every other runner out there I've ever talked to! Except maybe the 15-year old boys. Maybe

Lisa, I mean the easy run finally feels EASY!

Dana said...

I'm so happy you're blogging again! I'm running my first 10K in a couple of weeks and so far my LONG run is five miles. :-)

I also just impulsively found and ordered a copy in my size of the pattern for blue linen shirtdress you made for Clara a few posts back. I'm on a shirtdress quest and that one looks great.

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