Monday, December 27, 2010

The Winter 2010 Look Book

Having spent the entire afternoon scouring thrift stores with Giles and Felix (what? it was only two hours? it felt like more!), I find this evening the perfect time to share the Thrift Store Look Book. Photo credits and styling to Giles, wardrobe credit to Alejandro, writing by Giles and Alejandro.


Hand-crafted of the finest cashmere-rayon blend in select Japanese factories, the Lounge sweater (Billow model worn by Alejandro) is specially designed to create a dynamic visual match with the sleeves only when the wearer stands awkwardly still.


Alejandro shares a laugh with chums at Le Chateau du Castle, sporting this season's newest plaid-on-plaid combo. Tie pin customizable with your initial. Featuring our vintage pleather-lined 1993 Nissan pickup in Crimson (call for details).


Paul models our always up-to-date cardigan-tie combination on Le Chateau du Castle's rugged woodpile. Dress it up: dress it down: the outfit takes him from a leisurely afternoon badminton match to a sensuous evening at Le Cafe a la Chateau du Castle.


Alejandro and Paul return from a dusky ramble. Paul in gray cardigan-tie combo. Alejandro in plaid-a-la-plaid featuring authentic Patagonian boots.

And that should be plenty of inspiration for all of us!


Laura {{* *}} said...

Nothin' like a fashionably,
Put this book to print!

{{* *}}

Lisa said...

Ha! I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw the picture of Alejandro in the car (that smile, or whatever you call it, on his face), and again at the two of them, the smiles again, or laughs or whatever. Priceless.

Loved that plaid on plaid look, Alejandro!


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

One of my favorite posts from you!
Those guys have style. And yet, in a genuine sort of way.

Jecca said...

Love this!

Kate said...

What creative fun!

Polly said...

Now, what number do I call for the 1993 pleather-laden Nissan?!

This is so hilarious. Makes me think a little bit of the J. Peterman catalog, which is always good reading. Clever fellows, these three!

Tracy said...

Sounds like your teens (and friends) are just as goofy as mine.

Anonymous said...

I loved the fashion editors wording.

I don't think I could get away with red and yellow like Alejandro does.

Kind regards,
Maria Ricci

Heather said...

This is wonderful.

Sarah said...

"...specially designed to create a dynamic visual match with the sleeves only when the wearer stands awkwardly still." *snickers*

Holly said...

1. Boys are just always *funny*.
2. "Dusky Ramble"? *That* cracked me up to guffaw status.
3. You are an awesome mom to be so cool as to not take all of this too seriously.

Great post, Anna - you never stop surprising me, and yours is, hands-down, my favorite blog Ev. Ah.

Lucille said...

It's the beard that makes it so this season. Do you get Boden over there? Or Toast? You'll know what I mean.
w.v. plade of course.

Anonymous said...

Ilove how thrifting is so *in*. Even over here in California.

Jodie | Velour said...

Well said! I loved it to the last jot. Funny boys.

Also, I am so excited that you're here, writing again! I came back to thumb through archives, in need of homemaking heart work, and am pleasantly surprised to see current posts! God bless you and your contribution to families!

Margo said...

oh my. this takes me back to the goofiness of college. I love it. They are funny guys! This would be a fun project - all those thrift store fashions. . . some props. . .inspiring.

Vee said...

This is so great! As a young adult I thought I was the only one in my age range that has a blast with thrift store photo fun. How refreshing to know that there are others who have the same sense of adventure and enjoy it enough to post the fun. This could be a very entertaining spin-off blog, no? I so love the plaid-on-plaid and the pleather is ace.
Veagan Ann

Victoria said...

This is priceless! Beautiful photography, delightfully tongue in cheek, I'll never look at pleather the same way again!

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