Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Note to My Etsy Customers

Thank you all so much for buying my Storm Cellar and Bad Weather items (there's one tote left, anyone?). They will all ship tomorrow. Tonight I have the satisfaction of donating to the victims in the name of my generous readers.

I realized as I was packing the items up that, ironically, each and every one contained fabric from my favorite thrift store--which was annihilated by a tornado.

I will continue to donate 10% of sales this week to storm victims, so peek around my older things, if you will. Thank you!!


Lisa said...

Oh, my goodness - the whole situation is just beyond words.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, Anna. Even having your home and family safe, you realize the impact on lesser things such as having your favorite thrift store gone. What a sad loss. I am sure trips to town will not be the same.
Amy F.

Rebekah said...

The images I've seen are heartbreaking. So glad you and your family are safe.

Anonymous said...

How close are you to the damaged areas? Such heartbreak but also wonderful stories of God's protection coming out of the hardest hit areas of the South.

Margo said...

oh how sad. . . .and yet sweet that the bags had that fabric in them. That is how God whispers to me - that ultimately God sees all and cares.

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