Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clara and the Great World

The Composer has instituted a "one child at a time" rule when it comes to bureaucratic crises. Whether it's college applications, housing needs, car-buying, or scholarships, only one child at a time is allowed to generate massive quantities of paperwork. Clara is front and center at the moment with college apps for next year.

She's got a school comfortably settled on, and The Visit is next month. Although she's a pretty good bet to get in (hello, super ACT score + National Merit semi-finalist so far + 4.0 + third generation student!), she has some sweet back-up plans in place, just in case.

It's just that I can't believe we're here already!


Polly said...

That's a really smart rule, Composer.

WOW. She'll get in, I'm sure. And time flies. When I started reading your blog, she seemed so young! Impossible that she could be going to college!

But good for her. She will do wonderfully well.

Rose said...

Next year? But Clara will be --- let me count on my fingers -- 17! Clara will be ready for college, goodness me. Wow Clara, that is so exciting.

kath said...

Good luck with all of that. We're going through the same thing with our youngest child right now, and you're not kidding about the paperwork! Getting into college is almost like having a full time job these days, between college visits, applications, recommendations, essays, community service, scholarship applications, SATs, ACTs, etc. When did it all get so complicated? :)

Katie said...

Outstanding, Clara!!

Anna, your schoolhouse seems to have quite a record of success! Congratulations to all your students (and alumni). =) A very inspiring family to us all!

God's blessings upon all of you,

Seeing Each Day said...

Even though my little people are only relatively young, already there have been so many "i can't believe they're here" moments. I know this is your 3rd time for this moment but i imagine as you say, it's still not quite credible. The best of luck for her application.

AD said...

Congratulations to Clara! I'm sure she will do wonderfully. We had a National Merit Scholar too; she got stacks and stacks of offers from colleges all across the country. NMS students are in high demand.

Lilian said...

O my - go Clara! With her being so grounded I'm sure the College will be the one to benefit from her presence.

Marlaine said...

Love the "one child at a time" rule! And blessings to you all as you share this exciting time of life with your daughter...congrats!

Anonymous said...

I feel his pain. :)

Sorry I have not figured out my Google account. I will have to sign "Anonymous."

Jane S.

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