Friday, September 09, 2011

Colette's Fall Patterns

I'm looking forward to the arrival of these lovelies in my mailbox. The blouse looks like it will be lovely in a soft rayon--and look, no closures! I've been wanting something to tuck into a skirt the last few months.

And this dress looks like it will strike a nice balance between too-fitted-to-get-around-in and so-loose-it-feels-sloppy. And the recommended fabrics are some with lots of body--it could be made up to be cozy for cold weather!

You can see them made up at Colette, of course!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
I have a question for you: Do you think that the Colette patterns labeled "Beginner" can truly be successfully made up by beginners? The term "beginner" meaning: I have only made elastic waist skirts!

Thank you,
A. in California

Anna said...

I do, A! The pattern booklets really do walk you through the process with detailed instructions and illustrations. If you've made a skirt, I believe you could make Colette's beginner patterns. I did find the Crepe pattern a little tricky to fit though, even though the sewing itself was very simple.

Polly said...

I am pre-ordering the exact same two! The dress holds lots of promise for me!

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