Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alabama Studio Style: Blue Eyelet Blouse

For Clara's blouse I used the tank top pattern from Alabama Studio Style, raised the neckline, and added sleeves. Also, I turned the neckline binding around so that the ends joined at the center front, and inserted tie ends into the binding, to give it a little tie-neck look. The little ties are just cross-grain strips of jersey that you give a good yank to. They skinny up and curl in and have many uses.

The seams are all hand-sewn (except for the sleeves), and then felled by hand with embroidery floss.

To embellish the front hem, I used a mix of bugle bead flowers and "eyelet" embroidery in various shades of blue.

The shirt fabric came from a thrifted tee, because I love the soft worn blue so much.


Jessica said...

It looks extremely nice!

rbjaneite said...

That's beautiful Anna! I love the way princess seams lie, and they look especially nice with your topstitching. I'm sure it will suit Clara beautifully.

Shelley said...

Would love a post showing how you 'add sleeves'. That's supposed to be technically difficult to do, and I ignore all sleeveless patterns for that reason. Thank you for all the beauty you share.

Anna said...

Shelley, there's really not much to it. I took a sleeve pattern piece from a sheath dress (I chose that because was cut without much ease, and with a knit you don't need a lot of ease because of the stretch in the fabric). The other half of the equation is the bodice--I had to "widen" the strap of the tank top, towards the shoulder, so that the shoulder seam would come far enough out on the ball of the shoulder. So I simply cut that part about an inch wider, to get it far enough out. That's all!

walklet said...

You are amazing, its lovely!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Anna!

I love the top! So far I have made three Alabama Chanin items. We have a little fabric store in town where one can purchase the cotton knit for 3.49 a lb.

I get so motivated and inspired by your blog and writings.

Keep up the good work of a joyful homemaker! Your'e 'the bomb'!

Merry Christmas,
Maria Ricci

Lisa said...

"The bomb" - now, that's one I haven't heard, but it sounds good to me! The top looks great!


Farrah said...

The embellishments are really great! You have come a long way in your sewing abilities. That would be a great dress as well.

Kerri Warmus said...

I love, love, love that blouse! Wow! Just the perfect project, re-making from thrift and lots of hand sewing and creativity. It's just lovely, thanks for sharing.

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