Thursday, December 22, 2011

Granny Stripes Pillow

The last, the very last, of That Pile of yarn remnants.

Made into a pillow.


SisterlyLove said...

Mm! I love those colors together. So beautiful!

Hope you are all having a beautiful Christmas!

Farrah said...

In your opinion, is knitting or crocheting easier?

Susan said...

I have loved seeing how you've used the yarn - these are such comforting images as my own Grandma did such crocheting all her life. She passed the skill onto my Mom and my daughters, but it skipped me!

By the way, I'm the gal that bought the crewel-embroidered 70's bird book bag from your shop :-) I used it all fall, and really love it. He'll make a reappearance in the summer. (I'm still working on a name for him, the bird that is!)

Anna said...

Farrah, in some ways crocheting is much easier than knitting--but there's that darn skill you have to master of exactly where to end each row. And I think that crochet patterns, for some reason, are much harder to read than knitting patterns. Does that make it a tie? :)

Susan, I'm so glad that bird has a happy home!

donnacrafts said...

just love those colors also. We had a large granny square afghan when I was growing up. My Grandma insisted that she made it, but she never did any crafts?!? The blanket was gorgeous. I wonder where it is today.

Carrie said...

You've inspired me to knit from my sizeable stash this year. I have a bad habit of collecting....and a new house which means I can't afford new yarn for a couple years :)
I just love watching what you come up with!!

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