Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slow Saturday

It's been too long since we had this slow of a Saturday.

A hot, not-too-fast run this morning, peaches from Farmer's Market, washing the kitchen light fixtures and the tops of the cabinets, fitting a new dress pattern for Clara, most excellent pool time with Daisy who now Swims Underwater and Goes Off the Board.

And finding this forgotten thrifted treasure in a high cupboard. Such a sweet blue-flowered plate with the ring through it turning it into a serving tray.


kath said...

That's slow? I'm tired just reading it, lol!

Farrah said...

I like Saturday's like this. I hope you have a blessed Sabbath!

Lily said...

What a lovely plate - are the little birds part of it?

A Lovely Vintage Life said...

Love the beautiful blue birds! They look like little treasures. What a thrill to find something forgotten so beautiful!

I love slow Saturdays & the ease of them. I love to explore too, but some days its good to just be. Have a lovely day~ Ivy Jane

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Love those days..So nice and rare,ha.
Love the dish and the birds are so pretty.

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