Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Second Blooming

One of my first Alabama Chanin projects was this jersey dress in violet (one of Hancock's few jersey offerings--I've used many a yard of this!). I love the dress; the fit is good, I like the color and design . . . but . . . I thought there was room for a little more oomph on the front.

So I took it along in the car when we took Clara to school, along with scissors, thread, and the remains of the gray tee shirt.

And added a few more sprigs of leaves. Best thing about Alabama Chanin projects? They never have to be finished.


Lisa said...

Oh, please - another tale of what your family can do in the car! Arghh

It looks very pretty.


Jodes said...

Gorgeous! It really does add a bit more oomph! I love that about the Alabama Chanin style, you can just keep doing more :)

Maria Ricci said...

LOVE!!! One of these days you need to have an invitation for your blog friends to come and live with you for a weekend! Maybe it can be a contest for two!

You might ask your husband if that's OKAY first!

Love and blessings to you and your beautiful family,

Maria Ricci

Lisa said...

I think she'd have to rent the White House for that. (Maria Ricci's idea, that is.)


fGs said...

I agree with Maria! :)

I bet this color looks so good on you! I have got to get some of the Alabama Chanin items as I love to sew, but do not have a machine.

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