Thursday, September 06, 2012

All The Summer Birthdays Log Cabin Quilt Top

My mother spent a week here recovering from her hip replacement, and did as much quilting as she could while she was here (I didn't make her, she wanted to!). But I had to keep her company and do a lot of piecing. In fact, I got so far ahead (she'll never catch up) that I couldn't bear to add one more top to her list, so I'm offering it as is, for someone else to quilt.

My scrap box had gotten so full of extra already-cut strips that I decided to mercilessly sew it down. This "All the Summer Birthdays" top is the result--a riotous collection of bright-colored squares. Find it in my shop.


Laura said...

It looks fabulous! Somehow all those colors work beautifully. I love it!

Lisa said...

This is heartening - your previous baby blanket versions are quietly blended, and I've been wondering, as I cut my pieces, how a "louder" one would look. It looks good to me!


Jodes said...

Fantastic colours!

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