Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cedar Cuttings in Milk Glass Vases

Isolation and repetition give presence to even the most humble materials: 
cedar snippets in thrift store vases.


Lisa said...

I'm increasingly loving table runners - gotta make one. The cedar is very pretty.


Just Me said...

So simple, yet so beautiful!

Margo said...

I have a handful of slim vases thanks to you. It works every time.
Once I also saved Italian lemon soda bottles from the recycling bin and added white mums. Such a gift in midwinter.

Julian said...

Very pretty! I bet the smell is lovely.

Anonymous said...

This is 'classic Anna' and is one of the things I love about your style. The way of creating something beautiful from simple, unpretentious things found in and around the house. It shows how you don't need money to spend on expensive bouquets of flowers. Even a few simple twigs and leaves can make such a difference if displayed like this. Thank you Anna.

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