Friday, December 07, 2012

Twinkly Town

Christmas parade was this past week. We're almost never downtown after dark so it was thrilling--especially the tow trucks all decked out for the holidays.

It makes me happy that people exert themselves to dress things up, so we can all enjoy. Don't you love that?


Margo said...

I do love that! I admire that sentiment even if I don't like the decorations themselves. What's fun about being blase or too busy??

Lisa said...

Yes - I love Christmas lights in the city. Or even the "city"


Farrah said...

I love posts such as these that give a glimpse of daily life. We attend our city's heartwarming gathering of lighting up the town square, which is neat in our huge city.

Kate said...

I drove the children around this evening to look at Christmas lights and I truly was thankful that people put in the effort to share that joy!

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