Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crepe Myrtle Trunks

My mother is just out of the hospital with her second hip replacement surgery, and recovering at our house. I'm sticking close to home for a few days, but still managed a walk this afternoon, just before dark.

I don't want to forget to look around and notice how beautiful everything is.


Sara said...

Crepe Myrtle trunks are so lovely, sometimes. There was a row of beautiful ones on a median near my house, and I would sit at the stoplight and enjoy the patterns and the shape of the branches. Sadly, they've been removed to widen the road. Enjoy them!

Knitters Notebook said...

Praying for seem to have a lot going on in hope you have a wonderful weekend..


Karen said...

Said a prayer for your mother's recovery, and for you, as caretaker.
We love our crepe myrtles here. I've always admired the peeling bark.
Have a great weekend!

Laura Lynn said...

Sometimes, I take my tea and go out into the yard to admire my crepe myrtle trunks and the patterns of their growth.

Ours have such beautiful greygreen overlay with little bits of moss covering like a sweater.

I love the little clusters of black against the winter sky.

{{* *}}

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