Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Revisiting Nourish

The best hand and body soaps we've found are from Nourish, the soap store in Savannah, Georgia, that we first patronized because it was so beautiful and smelled so good. Turns out this is the only soap we've found so far that doesn't sting or aggravate irritated skin.

And boy, there are a lot of gorgeous choices! Not a punishment.


Anonymous said...

But who can afford $8.00 for a bottle of liquid hand soap for each bath in our home? Lovely thought, but unaffordable, especially for a one-income family.

Anna said...

That's very defeatist! In the case of real need I'd put out one bottle and tell everyone else in the family hands off, use the cheap stuff. :)

Sheila said...

Good to know....our little guy has terrible eczema when he eats dairy and wheat.....we try to control it, but when away from home it can be difficult.

Farrah said...

I hope this helps give relief!

Anon 7:51, you cannot think about the price too much when a loved one is in pain.

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