Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Jersey Rug for Daisy

Daisy and I are a rug-making TEAM! I cut the strips, she connects them, I crochet, and she tells me what color to do next (from her little paper list). I love having a project we can honestly do together, as so many things are beyond her little eight-year old hands. But this is definitely a good collaboration, and now she has yet another cozy spot to curl up and read in her room.


Rose said...

Good team work girls!

Deb said...

Swoon. That looks so lovely - the colours are delightful. Is it hard to crochet with jersey? Does it hurt your hands?

Julian said...

Pretty rug! And extra special because you did it together! Christina

maven said...

That is a lovely rug! I have memories from almost fifty years ago of my grandmother and I doing the same thing. I also have memories of playing "house" under the quilting frame. Does Daisy ever get to do that over at your mother's house?

Happy Valentine's Day to all at the Pleasant View Schoolhouse (and in darkest Peru).

Anna said...

A quilting frame would make a great house! My mother just quilts in her lap with no frame though.

seashoreknits said...

Most excellent color choices, Daisy, and great crochet work, Anna,
The new rug is a smashing success!
I hope you love and enjoy it, Daisy.

Lisa said...

It's a very pretty design. A wonderful project for you both.


Kimmie said...

Love it. Does she hand sew the strips together?
I took a class prechildren with my mom, wool rag rug making. The teacher held mine up, put it on her head, and made it clear that this was not what a rug should look like. Bearing the scars still, lol.

Did you buy Jersey fabric or use tshirts. Is that a weird question?

mama to 8
One homemade and 7 adopted

Anna said...

Kimmie, we use the technique where you cut a little slit in the end of each strip and thread the next one through--no sewing or tying necessary. And we used all scraps which was momentous--I had two overflowing bins of jersey scraps and they are down to nothing (see tonight's post!).

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