Thursday, February 14, 2013

And Another Jersey Rug

 . . . in a completely different colorway. You can see that between yesterday's rug and today's I've used pretty much all the colors there are (oh wait, there's a red and orange rug coming for the mango lounge). The jersey scrap gauge is sitting on Empty!


Julian said...

Way to go! I think I might try making one. Guess ill have to start collecting t shirts. One for the mango lounge? Need to see that one. I'm hoping they're easy to make.:)

Lisa said...

Such a nice idea with the decor you have.

Anna said...

Lisa, I've been really surprised at how much I like this one as it sits in my house waiting to be given as a gift. I never would have thought these "dull" colors would work, but I love them!

Christina, I'll be sure and photograph it once I make it. It should be an eyeball burner!!

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