Monday, June 03, 2013

A Jaunt Through Germany

We're home at last from our wonderful two weeks revisiting the Composer's German past. For the next few days I'll share pictures, while catching up on laundry, sending Felix off for the summer, and tending to all the things that family life entails.

We loved our elegant little hotel in Cologne. In the grownups' room there were embroidered linen curtains hanging in the dresser's glass front.

About to head out for shopping--very happy after our wonderful German breakfast, a spread of rolls, cheese, cold cuts, fish, fruit, yogurt, and pickles! But not all on one plate. All so beautifully presented that each big strawberry had its own little china dish.

We left Cologne through its iconic and massive train station.

In the special high-speed train. 200 mph, baby.

Daisy busied herself with her new blank book. This one says "The Girl Who Met a Goat."

This one's filling up with poems. 

I had a tea from the man who was walking by with hot drinks. So many Euros but how could I not?

Clara and I knitted away. She's making a lacy linen apron, I'm working on a merino shrug. I ask for help every ten minutes or so. She's probably tired of me.

Here's where we parked for the next week, an idyllic Bavarian village. The weather wasn't great--drizzly and quite chilly--but we bought ponchos (I had a love/hate relationship with that giant royal blue  piece of plastic) and we had umbrellas. The flowers are unbelievable, and the grass is so green. We arrived at the height of lilac time! Two lilac seasons for me this year, hurray.

As we stepped off the train, Daisy said, "I smell goats!"

Hikes were definitely on the agenda. We went upstream to a waterfall.

Oh, hello, Felix! Nice of you to come all the way from Peru!! He got some life birds this day, and we were all the time trying to point out new ones to him. I think I showed him the same kind five times in one day.

More tomorrow, when we are joined by . . . others.


Davene Grace said...

Anna, I'm so glad you had a lovely trip...and even more glad that you're home safe and sound! To tell you the truth (even though it's a bit embarrassing to admit), I was beginning to worry a little about you! :)

I was reading today about the Amish and what avid birders so many of them are, and I thought of Felix. How exciting for him to make new discoveries!

Susan said...

I am a faithful reader, and live in Switzerland (we're Americans and my husband works here) - I apologize for the weather. The month of May was wretched in these parts, with just pockets of sunshine here and there.

From the looks of this first batch of photos, it seems to not have dampened your enjoyment. Can't wait to see more.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Must have been an amazing experience. The scenery is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were an Apple woman like me.

Bavaria looks exactly as I imagine rural Germany to be. I love that Daisy could smell the goats!

Lisa said...

Ah, Bavaria!
Welcome back.


no spring chicken said...

Wow. I'm sensing a case of wanderlust coming on. Embroidered linens, trains (even fast ones) knitting and lilacs? Yes, wanderlust.

Blessings, Debbie

Cheri said...

I've been a faithful blog reader for awhile (fromS&S forum) and must say that your blog and pictures are always so refreshing, and often inspiring to do something whether it be travel, give a try at handwork, or look for new houseplants. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

Donna said...

Thank you again for sharing your trip. The breakfast sounds wonderful! Going 200 MPH on the train, could you see anything at that speed? It would be great fun to travel that fast on land!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing!

seashoreknits said...

Loving the travelogue, Anna!
The embroidered linens and cup of tea on the train (and of course the knitting) make me happy.
When your travel tales is nearing completion, I wonder whether you mind sharing tips and techniques your family uses to handle jet lag and the travails of transatlantic travel? You are always so sensible and have such practical, good ideas, I am sure we could benefit from your experience,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with us.

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