Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Scenes from Two Alpine Days

Garmisch-Partinkirchen--first town we went to that was big enough for a shoe store--I immediately bought shoes more waterproof.

Daisy begins her intense obsession with Maoam candies. She was constantly buying them and offering them to people. And eating them herself.

Chestnut tree beauty, by the Kochelsee, a beautiful lake that the Composer ran all the way around one morning (nine miles. I'm sure it was longer in kilometers).

Horses in a high pasture. And you can't see back there but there are baby alpacas--probably followed Felix in from Peru.

We hit the Composer up hard for his German language, timetable, and map-reading skills. He never let us down.

Cowbells. All the time.

We all wore all of our clothes, all the time. And borrowed woolies from Felix when we could.

Giles calls this shot "Instant Classic."

Muffled birding.

Check our Felix for scale here.

The girls and I took the short loop of this hike, stopping at the bakery for tea and kuchen before we went home. The big guys continued to the top, up into the snow.

In the German spirit of personal responsibility, there was a sign AT THE TOP, indicating that this was a trail for advanced hikers only.


Lilian said...

Breathtakingly beautiful Anna. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time -- and apologies for the weather, it's not usually like this. First we had the darkest and longest winter in several decades, and now we've had an extremely wet May. Over the last few days, cities in Bavaria and eastern Germany have had to be evacuated due to flooding.

Martina said...

How special to see you were a few kilometers from my home!! Unfortunately, you got the worst weather we had in June for years, literally. I understand why you wore all your clothes - until yesterday, I still wore my grey wintercoat and winter boots (for the tenth month now, I am sooo tired of it!)
Hope you will come back anyway one day and have finer weather - September is a great month for Bavaria and the Alps.
I enjoy my visits to your blog every time!

Rose said...

Love those pictures Anna! I especially like the one of Heidi aka Daisy. I wondered how you got on with the language, the Composer's grasp of German would have been a boon. We've seen the floods in central and eastern Europe on the news so that explains the experience you had with constant rain.

LaniQ said...

I would love to purchase a print of the picture of the bench and tree overlooking the lake, it is absolutely stunning. If you put it in your Etsy shop, I would be so pleased!

Lisa said...

I'm hoping Felix know how to yodel - he certainly looks the part.
I'd been hearing that Europe was having a difficult spring season. Glad you enjoyed it despite the cold and damp!


Holly said...

I think Skye and I were in Garmisch (Grainau, actually) at the same time you were! Yep, this is the coldest summer so far since 1816...but still breathtaking, huh? And there is nothing like listening to the cowbells echoing in the mountains as darkness falls - so beautiful to hear. Did you bring back the (terrific!) German tradition of kaffee and kuchen? That's one I'm going to hang onto!

Love your blog, Anna. Wish I had your discipline to post so often!

nicole said...

Personal responsibility ;-) Yeah, we don't even know what crossing guards are for, kids learn to look left and right.

I'm glad you made it to germany. Next time try the Stuttgart Area, especially Metzingen where Hugo Boss et al have their outlets, they sell fabric, too as far as I remember.

Melissa said...

Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing. What fun times for the whole family to be together again. I love the idea that Daisy received a brand new blank journal for the trip.

Anna said...

walking the cat--yes, we saw the flooding. One of the restaurants we ate at was underwater the next day.

LaniQ--let me pass this on to the Composer, he'll em
ail you.

Holly, kaffee and kuchen were a top highlight. Cornelia was especially enthusiastic and declared she would be baking a cake every week at home for her personal daily kaffee and kuchen.

Hana - Marmota said...

German spirit of personal responsibility... oh my. It would have been better here in the Czech Republic... most of the time. Our trail markings are very good! But then, we do not have such high mountains.

So many beautiful photos.

I'm slightly obsessed with Maoam candies myself. We used to get them from grandfather, who even came up with a funny story for the forwards-backwards name (I don't remember it anymore, only that it involved a choo-choo train).

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