Friday, June 21, 2013

A Ruffled Housecoat for Daisy: Simplicity 4625

Oh my, with the ruffles and the kitten. The pattern size is too big for Daisy but we decided to go ahead with it, lounge about in it this summer, and enjoy for for a few years to come.


Lilian said...

Blue... just the colour of summer.

Anonymous said...

oh this is how I was sewn for as a small child and the garments lasted for years -old favorites whereas the things made for EVENTS had to fit perfectly and were soon gone, to where I have no idea they just disappeared; old favorites hung around and sometimes were even cut into new and interesting ones loved until they fell to pieces great memories of home sewing (done for me not by me -I always got to help chose the fabric and if it was suitable I got the final say elephants dancing across my dresses strawberries beautiful cream and pink wool plaid) you're making happy memories together not just clothes

Julian said...


Anna said...

THis totally makes me want a house coat like that for myself!

Lisa said...

I do love that robe.


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