Saturday, June 22, 2013

Butterfly Bush Blooms in a Glass Pitcher

The sitting room is my new "office": I make all my phone calls from the low chair in the corner so I can lean forward on the coffee table to make notes. 

That's all made brighter by a pitcher of garden flowers, and these smell so subtly sweet.


Libby said...

I love butterfly bush! It smells like honey to me. There are some lovely deep purple and magenta varieties, but here in Oregon (and more widely?) it is an invasive species, so I have bittersweet sentiments about it overall. Still, lovely scent : )

kath said...

I just bought my first butterfly bush and I'm looking for the perfect spot for it in my yard. I can't wait until I get flowers like that!

Donna said...

Yes, looks like Oregonians read this blog! Love the Butterfly Bush, but removed them, they reseed and spread, no longer sold in Oregon! Anna, I love seeing your projects!

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