Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Boys, This Summer

It's a matter of common knowledge around here that Giles is a wheeler, dealer, mover, and shaker, so we were not surprised when he snagged two interns for himself. He's got Felix for the summer, and there at the non-profit Giles has worked for for two years now they are doing what they do--teaching kids, developing programs, and taking the sailboat out on the Hudson on the weekends.

Felix is working with second and third graders this month--while researching what it would take to convert the whole ministry to solar power (much more in his line!). He'll also be teaching older kids to sail in July, right after he learns himself. That's how Giles did it too.

Giles has also got his best friend from college, the always-welcome Alejandro (see him here at the beach) for an *entire year* of interning. Alejandro is  in the communications department, which is why he was willing and able to supply me with pictures to share.

Oh, those boys. I know this will be a summer to remember.


Polly said...

Love the jaunty cap--my own dear papa wears one just like it. Even when he's not sailing on the Hudson.

Sounds like a fun summer for those boys in NYC! I know they will have a great time together, and working with the children. Lucky boys, lucky children.

maven said...

I am discovering that my young adult/older teen kiddos are almost as much fun now as they were when they were wee little ones!

Looks like your boys are the same. (Giles has been working for two years already? The time does fly.)

God is Good.

Farrah said...

Most exciting!

Lisa said...

Brotherly affection of the best kind! And what a change for Felix - from the jungles of South America to the city. They will have loads of fun, I'm sure.


Rose said...

Is that New York with the water like that? I didn't realise that you could sail in New York City. Funnily enough the views behind Felix look much like Sydney -- the water, the sunshine, the sailing. I hope they have a terrific time, I'm sure they will.

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