Saturday, October 18, 2014

Daisy's Room on a Sunny Afternoon

Daisy likes to change out the quilt on her bed. This vivid, fuschia-forward one looks surprisingly good in her pale blue room.

This is a rare sight--the top of her desk. That little green cabinet sitting there is something I found at the thrift store, in plain wood. It was the worst thing of all time to spray paint--the paint slid off even after sanding *and* chemical stripping. Whatever. It's cute now, but don't look too close.

Last, here's the view outside Daisy's window. The hydrangeas are blooming late this year and no one is complaining.


Rose said...

Was this the result of your work the other day Daisy? Nice job. Anna I am enjoying our little differences in speaking the same language: "change out", we would not use "out" here but I like the rhythm of "change out".

Kelly said...

Beautiful room. The apple chair looks a bit anachronistic with the old fashioned style of everything else. Wish I had that view!

seashoreknits said...

What a sweet and homey room.
Our hydrangeas are doing just the same and we have vibrant blue blooms outside our bedroom window also!

Polly said...

So peaceful and beautiful! I am a big fan of the blue bedside table there, and the vintagey looking clock on her desk. It looks like a good place to grow up!

Janet said...

Such a pretty room! Love everything about her little desk. Especially love a sweet kitty napping on a bed.:)

Melissa said...

She did a wonderful job, looks very nice.

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