Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vintage State Flowers

I've noticed before that my stash is full of mysteries--for instance, I have no idea where this collection of state flower embroideries came from. I think there were about thirty-six, all beautifully worked on a creamy yellow silk (?). How can something like that just appear?

I've made them into two table runners, both backed with linen. I hope to get them in my etsy shop soon, in case there are people out there needing a Vintage State Flower Embroidery Table Runner. I hope there aren't more than two people like that.


Rose said...

Anna, when you say "state flowers" I take it you mean flowers that are emblems of states of America? I'm guessing that the lower one with "SC" is South Carolina? And the top one is either "Va" or "Wa" I think? So that would be Virginia or Washington?

I live in NSW(New South Wales, Australia) and our state flower/emblem is the waratah.

Anna said...

Rose, that's right. And I think that's Virginia there. The letters are so stylized they're hard to read.

Julian said...

Very neat! Christina

Rebecca said...

My grandparents on both sides of my family had quilts like this…same font for the states. One was state birds and one was state flowers. The patterns appeared in the 30s in the Church of the Brethren monthly magazine. I'm sure state quilts were popular beyond the CoB but it would be interesting it know if you thrift/antique store is in a Brethren area.

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