Friday, November 07, 2014

Country Store (Pretend)

The kitchen is currently torn apart as the cabinet doors and all the drawers have gone to the shop to be repainted. I thought I just painted them, but the math indicates otherwise--and so does all the chipping, streaking, and just plain worn-outness. It's kind of luxurious to have someone else laying on the Atrium White.

Meanwhile I'm cleaning, sanding, and (soon) painting the remaining frames. 
I hardly recognize the room, it's so visually busy with the white doors gone. I'm pretending it's a country store for the duration. It's not my kitchen at all! No worries!


Julian said...

Ooh how blessed you are! Pretty soon the cabinet doors will be back and everything will be right again!:).

Farrah said...

It does seem like you just painted them. My how time goes quickly. I like the country store look.

Anonymous said...

My cousin took his kitchen cabinet doors to the auto body shop where he works and sprayed them with white auto paint. The finish is white and glossy and the paint has lasted for almost 15 years so far with no chipping or cracking. They still look great too! Something to consider for the future?

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