Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby Donkey, Circa 1980

Dolly hasn't had her baby yet, but my cousin sent me this photo from her stash--one of my younger brothers in our pasture, with our mother donkey who *had* had a baby. They are so cute with their big ears! One of these mornings we'll go down to the pasture and there it'll be.


Lisa said...

Ah, so you are a farmer from of old! :)


Anna said...

Lisa, my parents kept a pair of burros for years, had a giant milk cow for a while, kept a mule for plowing the garden, had chickens, tried raising pigs, and once had a mean goat named Abigail. So in some ways, I am reliving my youth :)

Lisa said...

I guess! (a mule for plowing the garden - my!!)


Melissa said...

Do you have any old pictures of when your parents had your school house that you could share? How wonderful that you still are in the same house!

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