Monday, April 20, 2015

Fifteen-Minute Shrug

Another fifteen-minute jersey project--only this time you have to start with a tee from the thrift store. Cut it up the front, and cut off the collar. Trim off the top front corners like you're making a V-neck. 

Turn back the whole cut edge, going up from one bottom front edge up and around the neck and down the other side, and stitch down about a 3/4 inch channel.

Then run something through the channel, and cinch. Tighter cinching gives a much different look than looser--and may very well be more flattering than what you see pictured!

I also trimmed about six inches off each sleeve--then I spiral-cut one of the chunks of fabric into my tie and threaded it in with a safety pin.


quilt'n-mama said...

I love this! I have been looking for an option for my girls to wear over some sun dresses when it is a little chilly. Is there a place that the full pattern is?

Anna said...

You might be able to google a tutorial, if that's what you mean?

Sherry said...

i've attempted machine sewing with knit but failed miserably. i have a feeling there's a secret to success.. specific needle or tension? would love to know. thanks in advance. ((this shrug is really pretty))

seashoreknits said...

Very pretty Anna!
I love this simple idea and it is so chic (and practical!)

Lisa said...

Cute idea! And it looks good with that dress.


Anna said...

Sherry, there are a lot of variables at play--you'll need to experiment with tension and stitch length/width on your particular fabric. Cotton jersey is generally pretty easy--if it's not too lightweight. Use a zigzag stitch, and some people insist on a ball-point needle, but I never bother.

the momma said...

Cute! How deep do you cut the V? and is the original T oversized any?

Sherry ~ to add to Anna's reply, you may also want to reduce your presser foot pressure, and see if that helps.
I usually stick in a microtex or stretch needle, but, like Anna, I've also had success just using whatever needle is in my machine (I will say that I change my needles frequently, so even if I do a small knit project with a not-for-knit-needle, my needle is still going to be fairly fresh)
If you have trouble with your fabric being eaten by your machine, you can put a tiny scrap of paper under you fabric right at the corner when you begin stitching, then just tear off the paper when you are done.

I hope you don't mind me chiming in. I love sewing knits - mostly because I love wearing them ;-) and I hate to hear that someone is struggling with - and therefore, not sewing with - such comfy fabric....

Anna said...

Tracy, chime in all you want!

I cut the shirt straight up the front, then just trim off the corners--you want to be able to turn the edge under around the front curves. The original tee shirt fits through the shoulders and arms--I think you would need that.

And yes, the tissue paper under the foot is a great idea. Especially with thinner knits.

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