Monday, July 20, 2015

After Camping

We had our fun, and now it's time to deal with the camping aftermath. You know--the bins of equipment that need sorting out, the tent that must be set up to dry, the sleeping bags that get aired, the laundry and the laundry and the laundry.

But it was so much fun! We did an afternoon float down a lazy little river--after we'd pass through the "rapids" we'd shelve the canoes on the gravel bar and then go down the rapids over and over again in our life jackets.

Felix was able to join us and he slept in his hammock strung between two trees--fortunately. Because he was able to stop the raccoon who was stealing the little ice chest which was stuffed with glow-sticks, and emitting a strange light (ask the eleven-year olds).

Back to normal life now--cutting the okra, helping Bella buy a car (finally!), changing the bird cage, and calling people on the phone.


Sherry said...

a vintage trailer would award you less time in set up and break down. ;) we've got it down to 15 minutes each way.. what a blessing!

a sweet young gal we know well, strings her hammock between two trees. there must be a following of hammock stringers...

Sherry said...

Back to say ... that laundry thing? Never ceases. ;)

seashoreknits said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!
Hope you had a chance to wear the new camping frocks!!

The Snyders said...

Love your blog.

Would you kindly share your make ahead camping recipes.



Anna said...

We like to do the cooking at home and freeze the food, which is usually just about defrosted within the first two days. Black beans and rice, fajita strips to serve with tortillas, a flatiron steak broiled then sliced and marinated in lime juice and soy sauce, spaghetti sauce--anything not too delicate will work, as long as it can be served cold or heated in a skillet.

The Snyders said...

Thank you!!

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