Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crepe Myrtles Through Wavy Glass

The crepe myrtles are blooming outside the living room window again.


MrsSM said...

Beautiful. I wish those could grow here!

Christina Gomez said...

We have crepe myrtles also. They are beautiful! Christina

Lisa said...

A lovely scene.


Lisa said...

Today I was traveling with two co-workers to a funeral in the next town. We saw a row of crape myrtle. At first I thought they were Rose of Sharon, which is blooming everywhere now, and the shrubs have the same shape and size. But Pat, who's from N. Carolina, said, "Oh, it looks like crape myrtle!" The colors were cooler than Rose of Sharon, I noticed. It must have been tricky to get them to grow here, but they were beautiful!

On another note - two towns over there is a full sized, southern magnolia tree, and I saw it! I took a photo a few years ago to give to Pat, and she keeps it in her office at work; she enjoys looking at it. I loved the dark glossy leaves and the Christmas tree shape, but it wasn't blooming when I was there.


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