Thursday, July 30, 2015

Daisy's Chickens, An Update

 Daisy finally got all her ducks in a row, chicken-wise. The coop got built, and the birds got purchased (you may remember that all twenty-four of her chicks were victims of a racoon in the spring).

She's got five Barred Rocks (three are going to the fair), three Cinnamon Queens, and two Aracaunas.

And one rooster.

I can tell this is going to keep being funny. 

Also, Dulcie is thriving on her bottle regimen. She especially enjoyed this week because we house-sat for the neighbors and milked all their goats--and brought the milk home for her. It's so much better than formula.

 It's so good, you want to bathe in it. Shower in it, really.

And Corky continues handsome.


Rose said...

Terrific to see all those happy safe from marauder animals! I'll bet that's put a smile on your Animal Whisperer's face!

Knitters Notebook said...

They didn't allow any chickens at our fair this year because of the chicken flu. It was a strange year for animals at the fair you brought them that day and had to remove them that day due to the worry of diseases..I found that odd due to the fact we used to go and see all the animals?

Love to see more knitting : )

Melissa said...

Beautiful coop picture!

Sherry said...

that rooster is a proud fellow, hm? :)
sweet animals..

Josephine's Girl said...

The rooster picture is priceless. If he could speak, I bet he'd say, "I'm the man!"

Lisa said...

The rooster is hilarious. And you caught him at the perfect moment!


The Hobbit said...

I have to agree........That rooster will be the source of many stories. I doubt even the racoons will be willing to confront this Sargeant at Arms.... As for the bird flu.....Signs were posted in our grocery store that the eggs could double in price due to the severe bird flu and shortage of eggs.Fortunately I get my eggs from my neighbor and she wasn't worried. The following week the sign was removed from the grocery store and no one seemed concerned about the bird flu....seems everyone was ready to move on to the next crisis.

jenny_o said...

So, so sweet. And funny :)

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